Tennessee to ban alien abductions

Now that Tennessee lawmakers have banned chemtrails they now have their sights set on other issues concerning their constituents. Many have complained about the trauma of alien abduction and being probed in unfortunate places.

The Tennessee governor, Republican Bill Lee, has signed a bill that prohibits the spraying of chemicals into the air for the purposes of geoengineering. Republican senators speaking about the bill are convinced that the contrails coming from normal jet engines are actually spraying chemicals. Republican Senator Frank Niceley said at a hearing about the bill last month. “If you look up — one day, it’ll be clear. The next day they will look like some angels have been playing tic-tac-toe. They’re everywhere. I’ve got pictures on my phone with X’s right over my house. For years they denied they were doing anything.”

A lot of people in Tennessee have complained about alien abductions and other annoying activity by unwanted extra-terrestrial visitors. Many have been upset about being taken up into spaceships and having probes thrust in ungodly places. No-one has ever given a satisfactory explanation why aliens would do this. If they have the technology to travel intergalactic distances, surely they would have technology such as MRI scanners.

The Republicans in Tennessee are about to bring in a bill making it illegal for alien craft to enter Tennessee air space without the written permission of the Governor. They have been unclear how they intend to notify the aliens and what the application process is.

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