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  • Bloke falls for the ‘tell me your darkest secrets’ gaffe
    The first flush of a new romance usually includes reveals. One bloke forgot to be selective about his darkest secrets. Her dark secret was nicking her friends crisps from her lunch box. Fancying her sister wasn’t the worst revelation. ~KK
  • Forgot it was Valentine’s Day today?
    Well you still have time to run to the supermarket, but your partner will know because it wasn’t by the pillow this morning. So how are you going to make it okay? A relationship and dating expert provides essential advice.
  • Millennial concerned she might be turning into a boomer
    Kylie has a secret that she daren’t share with any of her friends. She is certain they won’t understand what’s happening to her. A recent visit to the doctor didn’t reveal anything physically wrong with her, but she knows something is terribly wrong. She has turned to one of our advisors for help. Things must be grim.
  • Man suspects marriage is finished over Christmas presents
    After 12 years of marriage Harry and Kasha Carey had settled into a comfortable routine, at least that was what Harry thought. They had a sort of tradition about the presents that they would buy each other. Some of them were ironic. This year Kasha seemed to have completely forgotten, or couldn’t be bothered to remember. Excruciata Reees-Mog offers advice. Ouch!
  • Man confesses to reading the instructions
    A man has anonymously admitted to reading the instructions for something. He thinks he got away with it as his partner was in the other room listening to a podcast. He is after advice in case she realises what he has done.
  • Anal sex is not for everyone
    Excruciata Reees-Mog gives her advice on the sticky topic of fishing for brown trout. She also explores the etiquette surrounding ass jazz. Hello my lovelies. The other day one of the ladies (who I will not name) at the golf

Browse all Advice…

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