Archbishop of Canterbury in robes giving an address

Archbishop of Canterbury gives prayer in Klingon and Ferengi. Romulans offended

At the Easter service at Canterbury Cathedral Archbishop Justin Welby shared the Lord’s Prayer in Klingon and Ferengi to foster greater intergalactic understanding. He hoped that this gesture of inclusivity would help pave the way for closer relations.

Romulans took to social media to voice their anger at being excluded. Despite having no cordial relations with the federation and declaring war many times, they are upset about the exclusion. A spokesperson said, “This is exactly the sort of thing that sows division and why we are at war”.

Many earthlings were also angry. Many said “This is all very good but does it mean that they are going to have their services in earth languages such as English, Urdu or Swahili?”. Others dismissed it as “the sort of wokery that is destroying this great planet”, “I struggle to see that there is any possibility whatsoever of a future for the Church”, “Please let’s hope this isn’t for real as it is 1 April”, “Pandering to the immigrants yet again”.

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