Dystopian novels to be banned: shock news from libraries and booksellers

In a surprise announcement the International Book Federation has announced that novels featuring dystopian themes are to be removed from book shelves around the world.

How ironic that books such as Fahrenheit 451, in which Ray Bradbury warned of the impact that a dystopian society would have, now find thmselves removed from libraries and booksellers. Other novels affected include Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Philip K Dick), 1984 (George Orwell), The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood) and many others.

The president of the International Book Federation, Professor Anna Ghlyppta (53), made the surprise announcement at a press conference. “It is with deep regret that we have taken this step. The purpose of literature is to explore ideas and entertain.”

entrepeneurs and technothugs have taken this dystopian fiction and treated it as blueprint for what they think they should turn society into

Prof Ghlyppta (snazzy trouser suit) went on to say “The idea of removing any books from the shelves is abhorrent to anyone who loves books as I and my colleagues do. However over the past few years it has become apparent that many have been abusing fiction. We have taken this step to prevent billionaire entrepreneurs and Californian start ups from accessing dystopian fiction”.

With a tear running down her cheek “These hideous entrepeneurs and technothugs have taken this dystopian fiction and treated it as blueprint for what they think they should turn society into. Dystopian fiction must be kept away from them. They are meant to be cautionary tales.”.
Prof Ghlyppta (Capricorn) was unable to continue with the press conference as she was shaking with anger and grief. A colleague of hers wearing Harry Potter style glasses and a black blazer rounded on the media and declared “society must have control over what these maniac billioaires want to inflict on us.”.

Will Oxfam shops be affected?

A spokesperson for Oxfam who, sell used books through their high street shops and online store, has said “There is currently confusion around whether this ban applies to used books. We have had reports of large numbers of people going to our shops and online store. If anyone is after any of these books I suggest you go to our online store QUICKLY “.

Acknowledgements: idea for this article from a Mastodon post by Annalee Newitz. Photo credit: Pixabay

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