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  • Microsoft – security through obscurity = no security
    Recent Russian hacks of Microsoft systems are believed to have exposed some of the source code of Microsoft systems. Microsoft have been relying on obscurity to keep their systems safe. Keeping the source code hidden. It has been known since the 19th century that this is not smart.
  • Possible cure for global warming – fezolinetant
    A controversial theory has established a link between the increasing number of menopausal women and global warming. This new work identifies a significant impact of women having hot flushes on heat input into the environment and a solution.
  • Elon Musk now annoyed at the internet
    The organisation that defines how the internet operates and sets the standards (W3C) has shut down its X account and moved to Mastodon. Elon Musk is said to be looking for more toys to throw out of his pram.
  • Man from USA can’t comprehend that not everything relates to 2024 elections
    In 2020 he thought that Covid-19 was a plot to manipulate the election. When he heard of lockdowns in Paris he thought that was in Texas. He couldn’t comprehend that events can happen throughout the world, in places that couldn’t give a shit about American elections.
  • Transphobes realise using their phones to rant about trans people are validating them
    Transphobes are waking up to the realisation that the development of smart phones was partly made possible by a trans woman. Lynn Conway co-developed a revolutionary chip design that made smart phones possible. They are horrified at the possibility that using a smart phone validates trans woman.
  • Couple devastated by DNA test done for fun
    The couple ran out of things to talk about so they decided it would be fun to find out about their past. – but when they uncovered a very dark secret it had disastrous results for their relationship. Will their relationship survive the revelation?

Browse all Science news…

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