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  • The Marvels
    One sentence movie review: The cats were good.
  • Boomers upset over Mary Poppins reclassification
    The reclassification of the 1964 children’s film has caused outrage, and a few cases of apoplexy in lots of people over 60. The BBFC reclassified the Walt Disney film from U to PG. People are trying to decide if is wokery, PC madness or a minor change.
  • Movie critic blasted for letting slip One Love spoiler
    A movie critic accidentally let slip a crucial spoiler while reviewing the Bob Marley biopic One Love. Presumably trying to show off things that he knew about Bob Marley, he mentioned that Marley had died. Movie goers are horrified and plan to hold a vigil.
  • Why no-one is complaining about the Napoleon movie
    The new Ridley Scott film of the life of Napoleon Bonaparte features the very un-French Joaquin Phoenix. Normally there would be a continuous chorus of outrage about Joaquin Phoenix not being French, however there aren’t any good French actors.
  • Barbie, the conspiracy gift that keeps giving
    The last few weeks have been an angergasm feast for right wing men who are whipping themselves up over a movie about a girl’s doll. Are they right? Is Barbie part of a conspiracy to make their lifes pink? The murky world of Barbie conspiracy –
  • Barbie the movie, the end of civilization as we know it?
    The impending release of the live action Barbie movie could be the end of civilisation as we know it, and possibly the end of days. No apocalypse driven fantasy ever envisaged an ending that was so …. pink.

Browse all the movies news…

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