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Boomers upset over Mary Poppins reclassification

The reclassification of the 1964 children’s film has caused outrage, and a few cases of apoplexy in lots of people over 60. The BBFC have reclassified the Walt Disney film from U to PG. People are trying to decide if is wokery, PC madness or a minor change.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) released the cinema classification as PG due to ‘discriminatory language’. The film was resubmitted for classification ahead of a planned cinema re-release in March 2024. The reason for the revised classification was due to the word ‘hottentots’ in the dialogue. The classification for the home release, which is 5 minutes shorter, remains U.

A BBFC spokesperson said, “While Mary Poppins has a historical context, the use of discriminatory language is not condemned, and ultimately exceeds our guidelines for acceptable language at U. We therefore classified the film PG for discriminatory language.”

The Oxford Reference Dictionary notes that the word refers to the African “Khoikhoi. It is now regarded as offensive with reference to people and should always be avoided”.

Most boomers have not watched this film since they forced their bored children to watch it thirty years ago. Almost no-one under the age of thirty has heard of it.

Celia Walden is a cheer leader for the outraged and has a pitiful attempt at stirring up indignation on the basis of young children not knowing the word. She of course misses the point that a new cohort of children will be introduced to it. The purpose of the advisory is that parents will be alerted to it and ready to have the conversation.

Angry hordes have linked this trivial reclassification as a sign of the end of western civilization.and changing history (!).

The reason used for this change are utterly ridiculous and just shows how pathetic society has become

How on earth did we grow up as normal balanced adults after watching this and other stuff. I despair of our nanny state. It’s a lovely film and we need to stop all this nonsense.

The crazies are at it again!!

Yet again people trying to change history, 🙄 snowflake world we live it.

Another sign of the fuked up world we live in.

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