Peter Pan remake – casting controversy

The casting of Yara Shahidi as Tinkerbell in the latest Disney remake of Peter Pan has caused controversy. Many think it just isn’t right.

The original JM Barrie story of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, is very specific about some of the characteistics of his fairy companion, Tinkerbell. Many are upset that Yara Shahidi (23) just does not fit the part and the role should have been given to someone more suitable.

Mora Snowflower from the Fairy Collective gave a press conference in Bluebell Wood at dawn this morning. “For too long the careers of fairies in the film industry have been neglected. Since the first Peter Pan film in 1924 this part has been played by gallumphing humans. We have been humiliated by the gross misrepresentation of our kind in film and television”. In the original story it is clear that the Tinkerbell character is small, like a fairy.

There have been very few times when actual fairies have been used in films. The last significant film to cast fairies was Return to Oz. This was in a scene where a minor character was spraying to kill fairies in Oz. This ended badly for many fairies who were killed when someone accidentally put pesticide in the spray bottle used by the actor.

Mora Snowflower went on to say that many fairies had attended the casting for the Tinkerbell role but had been overshadowed by Yara Shahidi. The Disney studios have been accused of anti fairy bias.

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