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  • When Boris Johnson supports you then your opinion is void
    Boris Johnson has declared that JK Rowling is a “modern saint” for her Xcretions about trans women. Having an open homophobe and islamphobe supporting her is not quite the endorcement he thinks it is. He falls back on the old ‘what people secretly think’ evidence base. ~ET
  • Is it right that the only way to reach your MP is on Grindr?
    Members of Parliament can be very elusive. Reluctant to respond to emails, letters and telephone calls, some have taken to Grindr to reach their MP. We ask if this is right. ~ET
  • Brexit bonus; new charges on food imports won’t affect the poor as it doesn’t apply to chips
    The additional charges on food imports that started on 30th April will bring in additional revenue on imports of food such as fish, salami, sausage, cheese and yoghurt. This has been targeted at the middle classes as poor people only eat chips and turnips. ~ET
  • Tennessee law makers to pass Flat Earth bill
    Following the banning of chemtrails and the imminent banning of alien abductions, Republican law makers are accepting representations regarding other topics that make people uncomfortable. A lot of Tennessee residents feel that globe earth theories confuse their children and adds nothing to education. ~ET
  • Tennessee to ban alien abductions
    Now that Tennessee lawmakers have banned chemtrails they now have their sights set on other issues concerning their constituents. Many have complained about the trauma of alien abduction and being probed in unfortunate places. ~ET
  • Now Harry and Meghan blamed for terrorist attack
    After Russia added USA and UK to Ukraine as being responsible the attack on Crocus City Hall, they have now added Harry and Meghan to the list of those responsible. The couple were generally blamed for most things so they might as well take the blame for it. ~PB
  • Phil Lyman: Baltimore bridge collapse because of DEI
    In possibly the lamest attempt yet to blame everything wrong in the world on ‘woke’, Lyman has linked the ship crashing into and destroying the Baltimore bridge on DEI.
  • Islamic State annoyed that Russia is giving Ukraine credit for attack
    Months of careful planning for a spectacular terrorist attack deep in the heart of Russia wasted as Russia ignores their admission of responsibility. What more can we do to convince Russia it was us?

Browse all Political news…

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