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  • Nordicans fed up with noir
    Nordic noir might be popular with the rest of the world but the residents of the Nordic region are fed up. Even children’s cartoons are being infected with the need to have a murder solved by a gloomy detective with a drink problem. TV adverts focus on cleaning products and how well they would clean a crime scene. ~KK
  • Taylor Swift in Melbourne, but where are the cars?
    Swift has been performing in Melbourne to audiences of 96,000 fans. Fans in the USA have been tred to an aerial view of the MCG stadium. Many have been perplexed by the lack of cars.
  • Taylor Swift reveals why she settled for second best
    It has been revealed why Swift hooked up with Travis Kelce when there was another more obvious match for her. She is mortified that Eammon Holmes has shared publicly something that was private between them.
  • Taylor Swift promises to wear a balaclava in public
    With every other news article being about Taylor Swift and saturation coverage whenever she attends a Kansas City Chiefs game, even she is getting fed up with seeing herself so much. She has vowed that she will wear a balaclava in public so people don’t get a media overload. This promise comes with conditions…
  • Hugh Nailon
    Nailon is currently Director of news at the Nine Network in Melbourne. He is an experienced journalist and media executive who’s worked for nearly 20 years with Australia’s leading News and Current Affair programs. Anyone would think he was a total amateur when his programme put out an AI manipulated picture of an MP. If he thought no-one would investigate he was mistaken.
  • Piers Morgan incandescent at Katie Hopkins
    Morgan has railed against Hopkins for her odious comments about Kate Garraway’s bereavement. He is incandescent when she has made the whole story about her when he wanted to make it about him. He is annoyed that Hopkins has stolen his ‘national creep’ mantle.

Browse all Entertainment news…

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