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Movie critic blasted for letting slip One Love spoiler

A movie critic accidentally let slip a crucial spoiler while reviewing the Bob Marley biopic One Love. Presumably trying to show off things that he knew about Bob Marley, he mentioned that Marley had died. Movie goers are horrified and plan to hold a vigil.

While writing his piece for the Argyle Herald and Tribune movie critic Archie McFakery highlighted the time frame that the movie covers and assured readers that they would not see Marley die during the film.

Fans who were hoping that Marley would revive his career on the back of the success of the film were furious that he had let slip that Marley had died. Some of planned candlelit vigils outside cinemas.

Bob Marley died 11th May 1981 following a four year battle with cancer. He received a state funeral in Jamaica in recognition of his work towards peace and reconciliation between the waring factions.

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