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Humza Yousaf – I lasted longer than Truss

The Scottish First Minister has just announced his resignation as First Minister and leader of the SNP. Having been in office for over a year he is delighted that he beat Liz Truss.

He felt he had to resign after ending the power-sharing deal with the Greens. He could have clung on to power, desperately blaming everyone one else on the planet for conspiring, but having seen the embarrassment of Liz Truss’s, performance he chose to resign. Maybe he would have battled through the no confidence votes, but he chose a dignified exit.

In an announcement that has perplexed Tories he said that he wasn’t willing to trade his principles just to hold on to power. Tory commentators were checking to see if the word ‘principles’ existed or whether he had made it up.

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