Attic with lots of clutter

Man moves loft contents from one house to another

All the stuff that gathered dust in the loft for 20 years has just been moved to another loft as part of a house move. He swears there is useful stuff there and some family heirlooms. Wife is yet to be convinced.

Eric Schunn (53) is in the process of moving to be nearer his new job. His loft was full of CDs, boxes of football strips for all the seasons over a 15 year period, crockery and miscellaneous stuff from his late mother, school books and reports from his son who had moved out, boxes of random old cables and baby clothes.

He is certain that much of it could be valuable when he gets the chance to sort through it. He knows the cables could come in use. Someone was asking about where to get a particular cable on Facebook a few months back. He thought he had one but couldn’t remember where. Schunn spotted it in the move but can’t find the Facebook post now.

His wife said he should throw it all away. When he picked up the box of baby clothes to chuck she told him they couldn’t throw those as they belonged to Jake when he was a lickle wickle baby.

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