woman in white blouse eating spaghetti Bolognese
Photo by mahdi chaghari: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-wearing-a-white-blouse-eating-pasta-7449726/

Woman heralded for her bravery and edginess

A young woman has taken to ThikTok to share the many ways in which she is brave and edgy. Eating spaghetti Bolognese while wearing a white blouse is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anna Fillaxis (28) had grown weary of playing it safe all the time. Tired of trying to be responsible and careful. For her New Year resolution she decided she was going to be brave and edgy. She has taken to ThikTok to share her journey (see how we’ve appropriated the assinine and vacuous style of online media posts?).

Wearing white tops while eating spaghetti Bolognese was something her mother warned her against. Now she is embracing it! One of her followers praised her bravery.

Anna would always check her phone for updates and responses every five minutes. She would even have it on while she was trying to sleep. Of course that did mean she was constantly being woken up to respond to messages. To be totally edgy she has taken to only checking her phone every ten minutes. Her followers have been stunned by her edginess.

Her next plan is to try Americano coffee rather than pumpkin spiced latte. Her fans will lose their minds.

NOTE this does not represent the character of the model in the stock photo used to illustrate this article.

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