Screen shot of the OopsBusted front page
Screen shot of the OopsBusted front page

OopsBusted not really about stalking at all

OopsBusted have said their app is for tracking down partner’s dating app profiles for suspicious lovers. That gives a huge sense of relief and will absolutely ensure that creepy stalking types won’t make use of it.

If you spent Valentine’s Day wondering if your partner is cheating on you then actually you should separate. If you don’t trust your partner there is something not right about your relationship. However the developers of OopsBusted want to offer you the opportunity to be that weird stalker type person that you sometimes read about in the news.

Using a facial recognition system it claims to continually scan profiles held on a number of popular dating apps for matches to pictures provided by the stalker partner. As they have issued a statement asking users to use the app ‚Äúresponsibly and ethically” that should put everybody’s minds at rest.

Of course if the app was actually concerned about potential use by stalkers the users of the app would take steps to verify the identity of the people using it. It doesn’t. So much for ethics. Creeps have a new fun tool created by another bunch of creeps.

To really cement what a bunch of creeps the developers are, they excitedly have a feed of people, mostly women, with picture and names they claim to have been ‘busted’.

It is usual practice to provide links to sites and data in articles, however these are such a pile of creeps that we don’t want to give them an iota of traffic.

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