Stacey Solomon (blonde woman with long hair and large teeth) holding up a hand crafted Christmas decoration

Woman incapable of changing channel complains about Stacey Solomon on TV

On a recent article about Stacey Solomon on Facebook a woman revealed that she hated seeing her on television. In a searching interview she explained how she gets to see her so much even when it causes her anguish and enmity.

When The Mirror posted about an article celebrating how well Solomon had done this year, Facebook user Anita Branesel complained that Solomon was on television too much. Branesel said that Solomon should go others suggested that she could just not watch her. Change channel or switch it off.

Branesel was indignant and explained that she chose to be watching the channel and that Solomon had no right to force her to change. Solomon was undermining her free. As to switching off the television, that suggestion was dismissed as bonkers.

“I like having something to moan about, and if I didn’t watch the programmes I wouldn’t no who the newspaper articles were about so I could complain.”

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