Gang of hooligans causing unrest while police attempt to control them

New tradition – St George’s Day riot

The annual celebration of the day that the Turkish bloke who almost certainly never killed a dragon and was a Palestinian hero took place in London today. A bunch of ‘patriots’ chose to mark the occasion by having a little riot.

While some people in London were hoping to have a jolly little parade which was invaded by what are believed to be far-right groups and groups associated with football clubs. The event was also attended by the former leader of the English Defence League Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (who likes to be called Tommy Robinson) and ex-GB News presenter Laurence Fox.

There were six arrests including ones for animal cruelty (attacking a horse), assaulting an emergency worker and drunk and disorderly.

Well that certainly is the perfect way to celebrate St George’s day.

Lee Anderson makes a contribution

The self-appointed spokesperson for the illiterate and clueless wing of right made a characteristic Xcretion…

“If you are a Guardian reading, advacado eating, Palestinian flag waving, Eddie Izzard supporting Vegan then this clip is probably not for your consumption. Happy St George’s Day!”

The oaf can not even spell ‘avocado’ with the benefit of a spell check! In an accompanying video he goes on to ramble…

“It’s St George’s Day today and this country of ours has been a gift to the world. Look at the industrial revolution, culture, art, music, sports.”

Many have pointed out that St George was Turkish and died in Palestine where many feted him as a Palestinian hero. Two of the groups of people that Anderson and his like take great exception to. There are also some serious questions around some of the technological breakthroughs that helped launch the Industrial Revolution.

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