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Excruciata Reees-Mog

A sophisticated woman from a prominent family living her best life when she can get the staff to look after her house and grounds. With all her travel she has a very large carbon footprint. She is working on it and hopes to double it in 2024. Has a brother she calls Jakey

Holly Vallance, the voice of privilege

Excruciata Reees-Mog celebrates the comments from Valance and hopes she is sounding a rallying call for a minority that has been overlooked and derided for too long.

No longer should wealthy white privileged people skulk in the shadows, and vacuous people should no longer feel shamed when they speak out.

Woman addicted to making irrelevant comments on Social Media

Excruciata Reees-Mog helps a woman who constantly posts irrelevant comments on Social Media. “I can’t stop posting pointless irrelevant comments on Facebook…. I just pick one or two words that I can make into something that annoys me and start ranting”.