Two horses with saddles on galloping through London with no riders

Horses running through London – apocalypse training exercise speculation

Londoners were treated to the rare sight of horses running free through the streets today. Reliable sources suggest that these horses belong to the horsemen of the apocalypse and had escaped during a training exercise.

Early this morning five horses were seen galloping through central London mixing with the rush hour traffic. A cover story about the horses escaping from the Household Cavalry was quickly put out to allay fears. Suspicion was aroused when tall figures wearing white, red, pale and black capes were seen taking the horses away.

Onlookers of course tried to take photos but were perplexed when they could only see the horses in the pictures. A witness who was nearby heard one of the figures call the white horse ‘Binky’. A reliable source source has pointed out that Death’s horse is called Binky.

Further enquiries revealed that the horses belong to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, plus the new fifth one. They had been on a reconnaissance trip around the capital, Pestilence on a white horse, War on a red one, Famine on a black horse and Death on a pale one, although he always argues that it is white. When asked about the fifth horseman there was some embarrassed shuffling and mumbling. “We try not to talk about him. Look he isn’t a real horseman of the apocalypse. He just follows us around and does annoying things”, War said. Pestilence added, “He’s a bloody nuisance and we wish he wouldn’t try to hang out with us”. When pushed they admitted that the fifth horseman was Stupidity.

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