AI image of Rishi Sunak with a dead cat on a desk
AI image of Rishi Sunak with a dead cat on a desk

Sunak throwing in the dead cat like a pro

The Tories lost credibility on economics, law and order, education, immigration, taxation and health. They need to come up with something. National Service! Guaranteed to seal electoral oblivion. The second longest suicide note in history.

Rishi Sunak obviously does not care if the Tories win the next election. He has lost interest in Project Prime Minister. From his master stroke of making the announcement in the pouring rain without an umbrella it was obvious his heart was not in it. The remaining Tories who have not announced their resignation are running around like headless chickens.

Desperate to distract potential voters from their abysmal performance and lack of credible ideas they have done a chucking a dead cat on the table manoeuvre in the form of National Service for young adults. Newspapers such as The Telegraph should know a bit better how ridiculous this is. If they bothered to

The Defence Minister Andrew Murrison rejected the idea two days before the proposal was announced. In case there is any confusion, the military are not calling for conscription and are in no position to accommodate and train large numbers. Since National Service ended in 1963

The phrase “The longest suicide note in history” was coined by Gerald Kaufman MP in 1983. This was regarding the Labour Party manifesto titled New Hope for Britain. As predicted, Labour bombed at that election. As this policy is likely to alienate all young adults and their parents, a significant proportion of the electorate are pretty much guaranteed to vote against the Tories. Sunak is presiding over the second longest suicide note in history. And Sunak doesn’t care.

Sunak beware!

Votes can be unpredictable. It was obvious that when David Cameron set the wheels in motion for the Brexit Referendum he did not conceive of the possibility that people would actually vote in favour of it. While Sunak is blithely going along with the crazy proposals coming from the headless chicken wing of the Tory party, there is a risk that the Tories will get voted in and he will be committed to the ridiculous scheme.

What the military chiefs are suggesting is that the idea of call up of trained military veterans and training of volunteers to form a ‘citizen army ‘ be explored.

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