Nigel Farage with a drink in his hand with one arm round the waist of Emily Hewterson, a young blonde woman wearing a black dress

Was Farage milkshake attack a stunt?

Pictures have emerged of the girlfriend of Reform UK Party Ltd press officer who shares an uncanny similarity to the woman who supposedly threw a milkshake at Farage.

Earlier today Farage was supposedly attacked with a milkshake – banana flavour. LBC have shared photographs of the girlfriend of the company’s press officer. Emily Hewterson is also friends with Farage.

in a composite picture of Emily Hewterson and the milkshake attacker there is a striking similarity. Hewterson has denied being involved.

Judge for yourself.

Composite picture of the milkshake attacker and Emily Hewterson
LBC Watch Twitter account


It has emerged that the attacker was not Emily Hewterson. The milkshake bandit has been confirmed to be Clacton resident Victoria Thomas-Bowen. She has stated, “He doesn’t represent anything I believe in, or any of the people around here. He doesn’t represent us, he’s not from here.”

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