David Cameron, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and Joe Biden on Omaha beach for D Day commemorations

Spot the odd one out

One of the people in this lineup of world leaders is the odd one out. The 80th commemoration of the start of the D Day invasion has been in the diaries of the leaders of various countries for a while, but Sunak had better things to do.

The large international commemorative event for the 80th anniversary of the D Day invasion has been planned for many years and presumably notified to the relevant world leaders long in advance. World leaders are usually very busy people so lots of notice is important to ensure they don’t have any diary clashes. Emmanuel Macron of France, Olaf Scholz of Germany and Joe Biden of the USA certainly

Despite the UK party leaders agreeing to ensure that no electioneering activities impinged on the D Day commemorations, Rishi Sunak slipped away after the morning events and left David Cameron to stand in for him during the afternoon. This led to the strange sight of three world leaders and Cameron as stand in for afternoon activities.

Where was Sunak?

He had slipped back to the UK to recorded an interview with the British network ITV, in which he was quizzed about the claims he had been making about the claims that the Labour Party will cost each family £2000. This was due for release six days later so there was time for it to be recorded after the D Day commemoration.

At this stage it is clear Sunak is not interested in performing his responsibilities as Prime Minister now, and given the fallout from this monumentally spectacular public relations own goal, it is obvious that he doesn’t really care if he sabotages his chances of getting re-elected.

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