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Worker annoyed that making memes doesn’t count in performance review

A worker had to complete his performance review and added making memes on social media to the outreach section. He was annoyed that this was rejected and is seeking compensation.

Like many other employee in large organisations, Luke Ingangree (26) has to have an annual performance review. His company is keen for employees to get involved with the local community and share any specialist knowledge.

Ingangree (Capricorn) had been busy creating lots of shit posting memes and sharing them on social media and added that to his performance review. Most of them were on scientific themes. He added them to outreach section of his annual review.

His line manager called one of the directors into the annual review meeting.

On seeing the memes the director asked him if he was being serious. She then told him they were not acceptable for his outreach contribution and he has seven days to come up with something else.

Ingangree (32″ waist) was upset and felt he was being bullied for being a creative and original thinker. His line manager thinks he’s a pillock.

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