The MV Dali container ship in the wreckage of Baltimore bridge

Phil Lyman: Baltimore bridge collapse because of DEI

In possibly the dumbest attempt yet to blame everything wrong in the world on ‘woke’, Lyman has linked the ship crashing into and destroying the Baltimore bridge on DEI.

This seems to be driven by the appointment in March 2023 of Karenthia Barber to one of the Maryland Port Commissioners. Not only is she black, but is open and supportive of diversity, equality and inclusivity. Everything that conservatives hate.

Lyman posted an Xcretion which shared an earlier Xcretion.from the Young Conservative Federation regarding the appointment of Barber as one of the Port Commissioners

“This is what happens when you have governors who prioritize diversity over the wellbeing and security of citizens,”

Are they focusing on her because she is the only black woman on the board of six commissioners? Do they think that she has sole control of what goes on in the port and harbour? The Young Conservative Federation are obviously giving her attention because they are racist and misogynistic.

Screen shot of comments about Karenthia Barber by the Young Conservative Federation

They were never bothered that there were other board members who had no experience of running a port. Edward McDonald had previously overseen Maryland’s highways, transit, bridges and tunnels, motor vehicles and Baltimore/Washington International Airport. There is also David Richardson who was previously Senior Director of Federal Affairs for Southwest Airlines.

They focussed on her because she is a black woman who has experience in DEI. To suggest that she has single handedly hijacked the whole organisation and is getting them to ignore everything else is of course ridiculous. Even if that were the case, how could anything she does affect the ship that was trying to leave the port?

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