Tesla driver on the phone while playing with a screen

BMW owners are happy that people hate Tesla owners more than they hate them

BMW owners used to be among the most hated people on the roads. No longer. They have been displaced from the top spot by Tesla owners. There is only one person who hates Tesla owners more than every one else.

Unable to park properly, inability to use indicators when turning or changing lane, total disregard for other road users. These are some of the traits that earnt BMW drivers the accolade of most reviled car owners. Now Tesla owners are taking over as the most annoying twats on the road.

It has been found that they are more reckless drivers with ridiculous acceleration and use of autopilot which resulted in 730 crashes. Tesla drivers have a large number of crashes, although BMW drivers are more likely to be drunk.

Tesla drivers are more likely to be annoying idiots doing stupid stuff like driving around wearing VR headsets pretending to be in a video game. Does anyone apart from a cretin need virtual reality while driving a car. Do pedestrians become non-player characters and some entitled twats delusional perception of making car driving into a fun game.

Now that Tesla have supplied and enabled drivers to play video games while driving owners have been given permission to not even look at the road.

Current and future features of Tesla cars demonstrates contempt for the safety of Tesla owners. The ultra tough glass seems like a good idea until you are trapped in water and noone can break the glass to rescue you. Angela Chao found this out when she lost control of her Tesla doing a three point turn and ended up in a pond. Responders were not able to get her out in time to save her life.

Tesla are dispensing with physical controls requiring drivers to fiddle with displays on a screen. Even simple operations such as operating windscreen wipers rely on playing with a screen in the model 3. Elon Musk obviously has no interest in the safety of Tesla drivers and just seem them as wealthy crash test dummies for his latest fuckwitery.

When drivers do report faults such as in the suspension they get told it is their fault.

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