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How to be brave and edgy in the work place

Over 50 and feeling like part of the furniture? Tips on making colleagues gaze in awe at your edginess without getting sent on a course for inappropriate behaviour.

It is very easy for older people in the work place to become invisible. They become considered as safe and comfortable with little interesting about them. If this is you here are a few things you can do to shake things up a bit.

Remove a USB stick without doing the safe removal

Crazy right? You had it drummed into by a bloke in IT 20 years ago that you had to do Safe Remove on a data stick before taking it out. If no files are being transferred or saved then just whip it out. Colleagues will be amazed at how bold you are.

Don’t take a packed lunch to work

For the past 25 years you have taken two sandwiches, an apple and grapes to work for lunch. Shake it up by getting lunch from a nearby deli. Coworkers will be stunned. Offer to get them a soya latte while you are there.

Don’t mention the weather

Seriously, it is not a topic of conversation. Nearly everyone can just glance at their phone to know anything they need to know about the weather. If they are blessed with a window nearby that also keeps them informed.

Share pictures of pets

If you have a cat, dog or ferret your co-workers are more likely to be interested in pictures and videos of them rather than your children. Fact.

Ditch the cardigan after Easter

We get it. Most people are on automatic when they get dressed in the morning. Reaching for your favourite cardigan is just a reflex action. Fight it! Pack your cardigan away. Get cold at work? Move around.

These simple steps should set you on the path. If you have any other suggestions please share them below.

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