Street view of aftermath of the Crocus City Hall attack
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Islamic State annoyed that Russia is giving Ukraine credit for attack

Months of careful planning for a spectacular terrorist attack deep in the heart of Russia wasted as Russia ignores their admission of responsibility. What more can IS do to convince Russia it was them?

Despite Islamic State admitting responsibility for the attack on the Crocus City Hall which has resulted in 137 fatalities, Russia is still maintaining that Ukraine was involved. IS has released pictures of the attackers which have been confirmed to match the pictures of the four arrested suspects. However Russia is still blaming Ukraine.

Information provided by Russia claims that the suspects were captured near to the Ukrainian border. While escaping to a war zone does not seem like the smartest move, it is the shortest route out of Russia. So they may have been planning to escape via Ukraine, which obviously doesn’t mean that Ukraine was responsible, unless you are Putin.

IS are thought to be very irritated by Ukraine getting the credit. “They are gaslighting us. We will have to think carefully about having detailed footage of all the preparation next time”.

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