Winter Fantasy Land not what was expected

One family re-evaluates what their ideas of a winter fantasy include. Probably less cow shit and baling twine. The hands on experiences were not a hit with the young ones; turkey plucking being the least favourite.

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Many farmers are keen to diversify and making use of their land and buildings during the winter months has an obvious benefit.

Like many other parents with young children, Paddy and gggg Whacke like to take their kids to fun places, but with a careful eye on the cost. When Paddy saw an advert for the Winter Fantasy Land spray painted onto the side of a muck trailer in a field next to the road, his attention was attracted by the price. £20 per family.

How bad could it be?

They were not impressed by the parking in a muddy field but were willing to overlook it. The way was lit by a load of flashing orange lights on top of traffic cones that looked like they’d been stolen from some roadworks.

traffic cones with orange flashing lights

When they got into the farmyard the decorations seemed to mostly consist of cows with tinsel, baubles or Christmas lights.

There was a Santa but he didn’t really look like much. The children’s activities were not the sort of thing they were expecting.

plucking a turkey

While the turkey plucking was seasonal and unique, the whole family agreed it wasn’t any of their fantasies.


The sign indicated that there were reindeer, the Whackes were uncertain what sort of call reindeer made, but they are certain they didn’t go Moo!

They decided they would spend a bit more money next year.

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