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Return to work being pushed by trouser and bra manufacturers

The plethora of opinion pieces and social media posts calling for people to return to working normally are believed to being influenced by manufacturers of trousers and bras. With large numbers of people working remotely at home sales of trousers and bras have plunged.

When people who are working from home join in Zoom meetings they are only visible above the waist. No one knows they are wearing lounge pants. Many women have taken the opportunity to dispense with the tyranny of wearing bras. This has created problems for manufacturers of trousers and bras.

Working through shadowy think tanks and influencers these companies are encouraging the promotion of the idea that everyone should return to working normally in offices. They have also been able to buy a large number of supportive comments from social media users.

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Karsic Karl

From Bristol I have a particular interest in gaming, pizza and energy drinks. Keeping up to date with technology and the dystopian invasion of the internet of things and subscriotion based basic services.

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