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Office worker realises he can’t remember where the printer is

He last printed something about three years ago. Sending something to print he is suddenly wracked with doubt. He vaguely remembers an announcement about printing a couple of years ago but realises he just deleted it.

Having worked at the insurance company Phil Matona (39) had embraced paperless processes. However today he had to print a shipping label for a package. He sent it to print to the networked printer. Standing up he realised he didn’t know where to go. The printer used to be at the end of the open plan office but there was nothing there.

He walked around the room nonchalantly trying to appear as if he was just taking a gentle stroll for a break from the screen. He was desperate not to draw attention to himself, but it wasn’t working. The other people in the office were starting to feel uneasy as no-one ever got up and wandered around. A couple of people reached for their phones; one with the intention of phoning the emergency services if he pulled out a gun, the other to film what she thought was an impending meltdown.

Having satisfied himself that the printer wasn’t in the office, and sensing the heightened tension, he didn’t feel that he couldn’t ask anyone. He decided to try and act casual as if he suddenly had the need to go to the toilet and headed off in that direction.

The tension in the office relaxed as the door closed behind him. “What was that all about?” one enquired. A wise woman born with the gift of insight suggested, “He’s probably forgotten where the printer is”. They all nodded sagely.

Realising there’s no other solution he decides to ask upstairs. Heading into the unfamiliar open plan office he approaches the first desk and says “Hi. I’m new here. Where’s the printer?”. After being directed to a side room with a grunt he heads towards it with a sense of accomplishment.

After clearing away the boxes of cat food and husky harnesses he eventually reveals the printer. He also spots an old jacket of his that he thought had been nicked. Hooray!

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