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Ginger bloke runs the length of Africa with out exploding

Russ Cook has completed an astounding challenge to run the length of Africa. Despite being ginger he completed the 16,400km run without exploding in the sun once. The 27 year old ultrarunner, dubbed the ‘Hardest Geezer’, completed the run on Sunday.

While the Sahara Desert part of the route was run at night, a lot of the time Cook was running during the day. It has not yet been revealed how he managed not to explode in the blazing sun. After suffering various health issues, being kidnapped at one point and being robbed at gunpoint he has been called the Hardest Geezer. Also the fact that his feat included taking 19 million steps through 16 countries and running the equivalent of 385 marathons in 351 days.

His run has raised nearly £850,000 for the charities that he is supporting.

To contribute visit his GiveStar donation page

The claim that Cook is the first person to have run the length of Africa is contested by Danish ultrarunner Jesper Kenn Olsen. Olsen claims to have run the length of Africa from North to South in 2010. The validity of the claim is being considered, but there are factors such as he did it the wrong way round and in Danish. Cook did it from South to North which is much harder, and he did it in Engish which is easier to understand.

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