Boy in isolation over mullet hair style

Following it’s rightful demise in the 80s, this ultimate travesty of hairstyling has made a comeback. A pupil in Sunderland has been in isolation at school for turning up with a mullet. The parents have questions to answer.

A school boy in Sunderland was allowed to have a mullet hair cut by his parents. It has been revealed that not only did they go along with it, the dad even paid for it. When he turned up at school on Monday the school did the right thing in the face of this major fashion crime. He was instantly taken into isolation to ensure that as few other boys got to see it in case it is infectious.

While the School could have involved Child Protection Services, they opted to try and keep it low profile and just informed the boys parents. They also offered to provide the boy with a paper bag to put over his head while travelling to and from school so that it would not be on public display.

The parents opted to make this public and provided the boy’s name and pictures of him. In the cause of responsible journalism we have witheld the boy’s name and pictures showing his face. Since this serious child endangerment issue has been made public, Sunderland Child Protection Services have become aware and are investigating. A spokeswoman has said “Sometimes young people make bad choices. The role of the parent is to support good choices and deter them from bad ones”.

Feeling a growing public backlash against the mullet the young man in question has decided to have it cut off to raise money for charity. Feel free to support this young man in having the abomination removed and raise money for Newcastle Hospitals Charity.

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