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Possible cure for global warming – fezolinetant

A controversial theory has established a link between the increasing number of menopausal women and global warming. This new work identifies a significant impact of women having hot flushes on heat input into the environment and a solution.

Researchers at the Mendacium Institute have studied the probable impact of mature women suffering hot flushes and have linked it to heat released into the atmosphere. In the graph below is familiar graph of global surface temperature since 1960.

While there are no precise figures for the number of menopausal women globally, they felt confident that the majority of women in 55-59 age bracket would be menopausal, with the majority suffering hot flushes. They observed a startling similarity between the global number of women likely to be experiencing hot flushes and global surface temperature.

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The correlation was found to be very high. Publishing in the Journal of Spurious Correlation the lead author, Professor Hans Jifving, commented “This reinforces the narrative of man made, or in this case, woman made climate change”.

The recent approval of fezolinetant as a remedy for hot flushes in the UK holds out the hope the world can be saved from the scourge of hot flushes.

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