Man so annoyed he nearly said something

A man from Buxton witnessed some unnecessarily rude behaviour on a bus yesterday. He tried loud tutting but that had no effect. He nearly said something but thought that might be going too far.

Joe King (56) was travelling on the 58 bus from Macclesfield to Buxton when it happened. The bus stopped and let on a youth in a hoodie and a heavily pregnant woman got on. The bus was just about full and the youth made straight for the remaining free seat at the back of the bus and jammed his ear buds in. The pregnant woman had to clutch at one of the rails as the bus lurched off.

Joe tried a quiet tut to no effect. He made eye contact with one of the other passengers and tried a louder tut. Eventually he escalated to a loud tut nodding his head in the direction of the youth.

He is absolutely certain he will say something next time.

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