My ancestry shock, I can never look my friends in the face again

Excruciata Reees-Mog explored her ancestry and was not prepared for what she found. Her family had been hiding a dark secret that changed everything. It has changed how she views her mother and she doesn’t think she can entertain guests any more.

Hello my lovelies. Perhaps after today you will never want anything to do with me again. My daughter and her husband, Tabatha and Tarquin Fitzbuff, treated me to a membership of one of those online ancestry sites. As I am not very good at internet things I got Sandra (my former assistant) to help me. I was interested in exploring my mother’s side of the family so we diligently put in my details.

The site then started offering other useful information such as census records, marriage certificates and the like. We carefully checked these to ensure they were correct. I was very diligent to ensure that nothing untoward was included.

My first shock was my mother. She used to be a secretary! My father married the help! I thought things couldn’t get any worse. He might have been the Mayor of St Pancras when my mother got married, but he used to be… I’m not sure I can type this. A lorry driver. On my father’s side generations of landed gentry, on my mother’s side working people. I am so ashamed.

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Excruciata Reees-Mog

A sophisticated woman from a prominent family living her best life when she can get the staff to look after her house and grounds. With all her travel she has a very large carbon footprint. She is working on it and hopes to double it in 2024. Has a brother she calls Jakey

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