Man who came up with the ‘thinking about Romans’ line officially designated a legend

That first bloke who had a camera shoved in his face and asked what he was thinking and came up with Romans has been awarded the international bloke’s federation Legend award. His quick response and convincing delivery saved him and millions of blokes worldwide.

The hunt is on the name of the bloke who has been designated a legend. Swedish influencer Saskia Cort filmed herself unexpectedly asking a bloke what he was thinking of at that moment. With no hesitation and total conviction he replied “I’m thinking about the Roman Empire”. An absolutely blinding response.

Soon after Saskia Cort posted it on Instagram others joined in catching their partners unawares with the same question. It became a viral social media phenomenon. Oblivion to the possibility that blokes might have heard about this and were grateful that they now had an instant believable response, women were stunned that so many men were thinking about the Roman Empire.

In truth they were probably thinking about dinner, what would sound like a convincing excuse to get out of visiting your parents, having sex with your sister/friend/that girl from work, whether the hedge needs trimming, having sex with an old girlfriend, getting the car tyres changed, having sex with that girl at the gym, the Austro-Hungrarian Empire, having sex with an Austrian, where are my car keys?

The hunt is on to find this legend so he can receive his award and be toasted by blokes around the world.

This work of art is in the public domain

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