Christians gearing up for the season of self victimisation

Every year an important part of the Christmas season is Christians pretending that ‘they’ have sanctioned that Christmas is not allowed. Every year they say they are being silenced, but are very vocal about being silenced. So vocal it is almost like they are not silenced at all.

After Halloween and the ridiculousness of how terrible it is for people to dress up as witches, the attention of performative Christians turns to Christmas. This is when the good flock of the Church of the Performative Victimhood loudly profess that they are being told that they can’t call it Christmas. That they are being banned from putting up Christmas decorations. That Christmas cards with Nativity scenes are not allowed.

None of them can provide any proof of this, but they feel it very strongly. Reverend Gerry Atrick of the Church of the Performative Victimhood declared “There are so many non-believers that we are told that Christmas is offensive and that we should stop celebrating it”. When pressed for evidence he said that he heard it from a bloke at the bar.

In the meantime some are sharing memes on Facebook declaring that those same memes have been banned by Facebook, but are magically still present and available to be shared. Go figure.

Welcome to the Church of the Performative Victimhood.

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