AI manipulated image of Adele aged 50
Created bt Daily Twerk from Vogue original image

Adele planning future album – 49

Adele has already planned a lot of detail for her album provisionally titled 49. She has a little way to go but she likes to be prepared. In an unreal interview she lists some of the songs lined up and shares other details.

She wants to share details of how her life will be at 49. Adele is keen not to sugar coat the reality of life at 49. She has been workshopping her songs with an eclectic group of people contacted via Mastodon. “It has been a revealing process of finding out what life is going to be like in 14 years”. Adele of course expected to be still married to Rich Paul.

Do you ever listen?

This is a great one because it’s like that now sometimes with Rich.

It’s here in the drawer where I told you it was

I already lose track of where stuff is and Rich will just open a drawer and find it. It’s only going to get worse.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

I’ve heard that like really old women go for this menopause thing and can get really hot. I got aircon.

Where did I put my glasses?

This one has a great chorus, “They’re on your head!” Love it.

What did I come up here for?

It is sad that old people spend so much time wandering in circles trying to remember what they were doing.

It’s 2am and I’m peeing again

Eugh! That is going to be gross. I sleep through heavily so no idea if I’ll wake up. Do people set alarm clocks or something?

While I’m down here what else I can find

I’m always dropping things so it is going to be fun. Hopefully my PA will be doing lots of the picking up.

Stop fucking laughing and help me get up, you bastard!

This is going to happen a lot!

Can you hear my knees pop?

Like the sound of my heart breaking.
Can you hear my knees pop like my heart used to.
And now my heart is aching like my hips.
Might need a little work bu there is time.

AI disclosure – the image is an AI manipulation of a photo of Adele for Vogue.

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