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Millennial concerned she might be turning into a boomer

Kylie has a secret that she daren’t share with any of her friends. She is certain they won’t understand what’s happening to her. A recent visit to the doctor didn’t reveal anything physically wrong with her, but she knows something is terribly wrong. She has turned to one of our advisors for help. Things must be grim.

The signs that something wasn’t right were there from the start. Kylie wanted to meet in a Cat CafĂ©. I mean seriously, they aren’t a thing anymore. When I went in it was immediately obvious which person was Kylie. The only one not glued to a phone.

She outlined the symptoms. Watching a drama series from the Boomer Broadcasting Company at normal speed and without using her phone at the same time. She had to repeat it a few times. Nobody watches programmes or films at less than x1.5 speed! Using a phone to at least get the name of songs off the soundtrack is a requirement.

Kylie mentioned she had a friend round the other night and they watched a bit of Domino Day but her friend couldn’t cope with watching at normal speed and got frustrated. “I really enjoyed the atmosphere build up at normal speed. What is wrong with me?”.

The only thing I could do for her is give her a link to English Heritage membership and wish her well. Who knew that someone so young could become a boomer. So sad.

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