Lee Anderson, the perfect Tory Party chairman – lacking in principles

Imagine Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson had a love child. It would be Lee Anderson.

Now that Nadhim Zahawi has slithered off into the dark recesses of the House of Commons, presumably to follow his partner in incompetence (Truss) in sending out distracting messages to undermine the Tories, the chairman post needed filling. Introducing Lee Anderson – that bit scraped from the edges of the bottom of the barrel.

30p Lee

He has been very vocal in tackling the big issues of the day – criticising food banks and nurses. Ideally both at once. For a while he was referred to as 30p Lee due to his contention that people could cook nutritious meals for 30p per meal thus dismissing the need for food banks. Apparently people only use food banks because they can’t budget and can’t cook. A Welsh chef attempted to create 30p meals and concluded that adults would struggle to get sufficient calories and nutrients.

Nurses and food banks

Not giving up on the food bank theme, he has taken aim at nurses who use food banks. So his line is that the average nurse gets £30,000 per year and that is plenty to live on and they don’t need food banks. Presumably he thinks they are doing it to get sympathy. Lacking much intelligence he misses out that an average will typically include some numbers that are higher, and importantly some numbers that are lower. Much lower. Nurses salary range starts at £20,370 and they don’t reach £30,000 , until they’ve got 4 years experience at band 5 (more…).

Poor Katy

Not content with his ignorance of basic maths and salary scales, our erstwhile ignoramus tries to ‘strenghen’ his argument by dragging in poor Katy. He posted on Twitter that she worked for him with a salary of £30k detailed her expenses and stated she didn’t need to use a food bank. He omitted to mention that she didn’t have children, and that she had wealthy parents – judging by the £20k a year fees of the school she attended. So not really comparable to a struggling trainee nurse.

Gary Lineker

Nothing annoys a political troll more than when somebody’s principles match up with their actions. When Gary Lineker hosted a refugee in his house Lee Anderson was unable to congratulate him or show any appreciation, but he was able to muster a petulant outburst by accusing him of virtue signaling. No Mr Anderson, it’s virtue. Something you are not familiar with.

Kneeling for your principles

What is apparent that anything to do with principles makes Mr Anderson very uncomfortable and prone to angry outbursts. When England were playing in the 2020 Euros he exclaimed that he refused to watch any of the matches because players were taking the knee in recognition of issues affecting black people. “[They are] supporting a political movement whose core principles aim to undermine our very way of life”.

An unerring ability to attack anything that reeks of conscience. Given that he used to work in Citizen’s Advice it must take a strong will to completely turn your back on people who are struggling and people trying to help and make an impact. But he’s done alright for himself – for now.

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