Man from USA can’t comprehend that not everything relates to 2024 elections

In 2020 he thought that Covid-19 was a plot to manipulate the election. When he heard of lockdowns in Paris he thought that was in Texas. He couldn’t comprehend that events can happen throughout the world, in places that couldn’t give a shit about American elections.

When he heard that a man had become infected with Swine Flu in Yorkshire he took it to be Yorkshire Town in Cattaraugus County, New York. He had never heard of the agency that was investigating it (UKHSA – UK Health Security Agency) but he was a bit vague on the various agencies and what they do anyway.

That this was the 50th case of transmission of this variant (A(H1N2)v) to people globally in the last twenty years went unnoticed. He totally missed that there had only been one case in the USA in August, and that there was no evidence of transmission between people. He did not comprehend that the health authorities are considering it to be a low risk infection.

He is absolutely certain that this news report meant that another virus had just been created specifically to interfere with the US elections next year.

He was compelled to go on Social Media to comment, “Here we go again”, “Not surprised, it’s almost election year”, “Here we go, another injection”, “I am going to bet that this has something to do with the 2024 election”, “There you go another BS started around another holiday then it ‘gets worse’ by the time the election starts”, “,It’s close to election year and the DEMS are under water. Here we go again!!! See the pattern”.

He is stocking up on Ivermectin and toilet paper.

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