Sunak taking questions from staff at a warehouse including Tory councillor Ross Hills

Sunak takes a question from a plant

During a visit to a Derbyshire warehouse Sunak was keen to take questions from the staff. To ensure that he knew the answer it was helpful to have a Tory councillor dressed up as a worker asking a question.

Ross Hills (Leicestershire County Councillor for the Conservatives) just happened to be present at the warehouse visit, and just happened to be wearing the same high visibility vest as the warehouse staff. Notably, other visitors were not required to wear the high-vis vests.

Luckily he really put Sunak through the wringer by asking him whether, “your Rwanda plan is going to see results and stop the small boats coming?”.

At no point did Ross Hills identify himself. You can find out more about Ross. That scraping sound is Sunak’s credibility scraping across the bottom.

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