Man to experience pregnancy with partner

A man has decided to live the full experience of carrying a baby when his partner announced she was pregnant with their first child.

Guy (32) was overjoyed when his partner, Claire (West Ham) told him the exciting news. They have been together for six years after getting together in Bali. The weird thing was, Claire said, they had lived in the same area for ages and that Guy had started working at several places where she already worked. “It’s almost like we were living the same life anyway. Whenever I went out for a meal with friends or go to gigs Guy would nearly be there. It seemed logical he would be in Bali”. Claire clutched his hand lovingly.

Guy explained that while he would of course do the antenatal classes, prepare the nursery, complain that he wasn’t ready to be a dad and all the usual things partners do, it was not enough. “I want to experience what Claire is going through. The swelling belly and ankles, nausea and restless nights”. He has already started on the swelling belly.

“It takes dedication to eat so much pizza and chips. The change is to keep the size in sync with Claire. I’ve overshot a bit”.

What about the ankle swelling? “Once the weight piles on and I cut back on the exercise I’m told that the ankles will swell and I’ll get joint pains”.

There is the delicate matter of breast growth. Guy is expecting to develop a fine pair of moobs as he gains weight. “Maybe you can wear my bras” Claire suggested. “Their chest size is too small” Guy commented to an awkward silence…

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