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Lionel Shriver plays hate bingo

With a book to peddle she is after publicity and has let rip with some gammon bait for a bit of free press coverage. What other hate tropes can she add to her collection? Pandering to the gammon munching moanerati is proving to be very easy for her.

Born Margaret Ann Shriver, she changed her name to Lionel. She has contributed to numerous newspapers and published three books including the very successful ‘We need to talk about Kevin’. Her latest book ‘Mania’ is her thinly veiled attack on her latest strawman; equality, diversity and inclusivity. She imagines a mother bringing up children in a world where the notion of intelligence has been banned. The use of the S word (stupid) would cause someone to lose their job. Shriver has created an allegorical fantasy that is a far-right cautionary tale.


She has dabbled in racism for a number of years and is very comfortable with it. In 2018 she wrote an article in The Spectator (When Diversity Means Uniformity) criticising publisher Penguin Random House about having a diversity policy. She was concerned that letting in more non-white authors would be threatening.

As this wasn’t overt enough she went on to bemoan how many coloured people had moved into her South London neighbourhood.

She has also banded about the old Replacement Theory in an article about how Britain needs to remain predominantly white.

“You know, racism shouldn’t be against the law”


Following Boris Johnson’s appalling comments targeting Muslim women, suggesting they looked like ‘letter boxes’ or ‘bank robbers’, Shriver defended him by saying “He was being light hearted”. She seems to be surprised that people think that she is a hate figure.


As a talented writer she frames her transphobia in the language of the culture war invented by right wing commentators and writers. Apparently she feels that everyone is being pressured to accept an alternative gender and that she is being opressed. She complains that ‘genderism’ is out of all proportion to the ‘statistical rarity of true gender dysphoria’. She of course gives that as an opinion rather than providing evidence.

In her latest pronouncement she has taken a pop at the actors from the Harry Potter films who have distanced themselves from JK Rowling. Apparently she lost a friend who distanced herself from her because of her comments supporting Boris Johnson’s islamphobic comments. Perhaps she learn from that.

What next?

To score top points on Hate Bingo she needs to add two more hate topics. Is she going to start beating down on homeless people or neuro diverse folk?

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