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Blokes guide to last minute Christmas shopping

When doing last minute Christmas shopping it is always useful to know what is available at fuel stations. Our intrepid reporter has undertaken some ground breaking journalism to come to the rescue of blokes who can’t be arsed to order anything online.

Fuel stations are the perfect last minute shopping destination for the discerning bloke to combine the necessity of buying fuel with getting some presents without deviating from the normal routine.

For the wife what better than a box of Ferero Rocher to say that you haven’t given her a seconds thought.

Previously fuel station shops have been good places to pick up gifts. This year their selection is very poor so you better make other plans.

Sainsburys fuel station shop items for sale
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The random tat aisle

With a tiny bit of effort it is possible to visit a nearby Aldi or Lidl store where they will have a wider range of cheap nasty gifts for all the family.

Some unique present ideas if you can be bothered to order in advance

Jewellery by GenderlessBySkaly

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