Angry women: how to calm them down.

An expert panel gives invaluable tips on what to do if you are confronted with an angry woman.

Nothing is more likely to put a damper on your day than an angry woman. In previous times men would have just walked away, but now a more mindful approach is expected.

An expert panel of mostly blokes on Facebook have provided a range of ‘approved’ strategies.

  • just tell her that she is overreacting
  • “calm down. You’re acting like my ex
  • fart, laugh and run fast
  • tell her she’s acting like her mother
  • “Don’t worry darling, you’re just very emotional at the moment
  • tell her that she’s wrong. She’ll realise this immediately
  • remind her that she said she didn’t want to be ruled by her hormones
  • worth enquiring if she is angry because of the time of the month
  • be logical and explain to her how she’s wrong
  • “chloroform is the only way” – suggested by a woman. There’s a lot to unpack there. BTW don’t use chloroform.
  • do not point the remote control at her and jab the off button. This was contributed by a divorcee
  • make sure she knows it is okay to be wrong and that you won’t judge her
  • duct tape doesn’t help but it does muffle the sound
  • phone her mother and ask if she can reason with her daughter

No warranty or responsibility is accepted for the use of this advice.

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