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YouTube University to offer Masters courses

YouTube came to prominence as an education provider during the covid pandemic. Large numbers of people failed by school gained degrees in virology and molecular biology from YouTube University. Now they are planning Masters degrees.

It was miraculous how many previously uneducated and clueless people became experts. By watching a few videos they gained the same level of knowledge and expertise that usually takes getting a degree, doing a research PhD for three years and at least one stint as a post doctoral research fellow.

It is astounding that anyone dedicates a chunk of their life immersing themselves in research laboratories carrying out experiments. All they have to do is spend a couple of days on YouTube. They can then graduate from YouTube University with a degree.

Now YouTube in a partnership with the University of Life is to offer Masters courses in a variety of topics…

Physics for flat earthers

You can only defeat the indoctrination of conventional science by understanding how the illusion works. Why gravity, which is the glober explanation for how everything stays fixed to their imaginary spinning ball, does not exist and it is about bouyancy. How it is ridiculous that children can be flung off a roundabout but not off the planet.

Climate Science for deniers

Learn a handful of cherry picked facts that make you sound like the scientists who discovered them in the first place and learn how to use them to dismiss the rest of what those same scientists go on to say.

Feminism for incels

Learn how to thoroughly dismiss the notion that each woman is an independent person and strengthen the notion that they all think the same thing. Explore how the reasons they all think that you are an odious maggot have nothing to do with you.

Terrain Theory for the cognoscenti

For those that want to digress from the well worn path of Germ Theory, that has stood up to multiple tests since 1857, then this is for you. It is the perfect extension for those who don’t believe the SARS-COV-2 virus exists, because none of them exist. It is also great for those who want to believe that all drugs, especially antibiotics, are a sham.

Getting rich being an influencer

This four step programme will take you through

  • Building up you audience with vacuous and obvious content.
  • Filming yourself being annoying in the world outside your bedroom so that regular folk think you are a bell end.
  • Promise to share the secrets that the government is hiding from everyone with dedicated subscribers on a subscription channel.
  • Invest all your money in the latest crypto fad.

If you want to know more you need to subscribe using the red button at the bottom of the screen.

Course requirements

Qualifications are not required. In fact if you have any actual real qualifications or experience then you may not enrol. Nice clean smooth brains untainted by knowledge or ability are the preferred requirements. If you spent your school years chewing crayons then mention this on the application form and you will go to the top of the list.

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