Trident missile leaving the sea
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Trident – a ‘reliable weapons system’ for nearby targets

A test of the UK Trident nuclear missile system was a great success. Not only did it prove highly effective against targets ten miles away, it also exposed a previously unforeseen possibility for low carbon impact nuclear warfare.

A Trident missile was launched from submarine HMS Vanguard on the 30th January. On board was Defence Secretary Grant Shapps to observe how well the £17 million missile performed. It fell a little short of the target by about 3690 miles.

“the most reliable weapons system in the world”

In a report to Parliament he emphasised that while the missile did not go as far as intended Trident remained “effective, dependable, and formidable.” against targets about ten miles away. He also said that it was “the most reliable weapons system in the world”.

An important aspect of the short range missile strategy is the reduced carbon footprint of launching nuclear missiles against targets ten miles away as less fuel is used. The increased radiation risk is something they will factor in to their equations.

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