Zuiderpark, Den Haag. 09 mei 2019.Prins Harry stapte de Invictus Games 2020 officieel af. Vanaf nu, over een jaar mei 2020 zijn de Invictus Games 2020 in het Zuiderpark te Den Haag en Eindhoven..Foto: Boogschieten is helemaal niet moeilijk, Prins Harry kan het ook!

Prince Harry: Charles wanted Meghan to shave off her eyebrows

With the impending Coronation we revisit earlier stories: In January journalists around the world rushed to translate the leaked Spanish version of the Duke of Sussex’s book the revelations just keep coming.

Following on from the claim that Charles and Camilla wanted Catherine, Princess of Wales, to change the spelling of her name to start with a K because there were too many people with names beginning with C, a further startling revelation has emerged from the translations.

The day after Katherine-gate event, as no-one has come to call it, Prince Harry was called to a meeting. He was informed that there were too many people with eyebrows and it was getting confusing. It had been decided that as Meghan was the newest member to the royal family, she would have to share her eyebrows off.

It is believed that this was the decision that led to the breakdown of the relationship between the Sussex’s and the rest of the family. The move to the USA was to save Meghan’s eyebrows, and she does have lovely eyebrows.

disclaimer – this is totally made up tosh, so probably as credible as anything else

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