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Mum realises that buying twenty cases of high energy drinks was not a good idea

Being a mother of a large family means being constantly on the look out for bargains. One mother spotted a clearance bargain of high energy drinks that were just past the sell by date. She bought twenty cases think that it would last at least six months. Trolls say grunt gurgle kratch garg, but she doesn’t care.

Lois Price (49) loves having a big family but accepts that she has to be very careful with money. They do a lot of shopping at places like Costco which are geared up for bulk buying with catering packs.

When she saw the packs of HyperJuice energy drink at half price she knew she was looking at a bargain. The plan was to store them in the garage and make it last six months. A few weeks later everyone in the family was drinking several cans a day.

“I hadn’t realised the effect it was having on us until we had this family photo taken”, she jabbered.

Someone posted the picture on ThikTok and trolls made rude comments but they were mostly unintelligible gibberish so no-one cares.

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